Coronavirus: Food theft left pensioner, 84, ‘eating out of bin’

Coronavirus: Food theft left pensioner, 84, 'eating out of bin'

PCs Matt Hodges and Pat Peltier

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Met Police officers took the victim to the local shops and purchased food, drinks and toiletries

A pensioner was forced to scavenge food out of her bin after her food delivery was stolen, police have said.

Police were called to the property of the 84-year-old victim, named only as Elizabeth, who had become trapped in her home by a broken door.

While she was trapped, a “callous individual” stole the victim’s online shop from her doorstep in Feltham.

On arrival, PCs Matt Hodges and Pat Peltier took Elizabeth to the local shops to buy food, Scotland Yard said.

In a post on social media the Met Police said officers also bought other key items to “make her feel more comfortable”, the statement added.

The officers heard the victim had resorted to eating out of the rubbish bin to survive.

The victim was “overwhelmed with the officers’ selflessness and generosity, and thanked them for their help”, the post said.

Police said: “This is a remarkable example of what lengths our officers will go to, to protect local residents during this very challenging time.”


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